Increasing return on innovation

Increasing return on innovation

As a Swiss innovation consultancy, we help our clients to confidently assess innovation opportunities and turn a strategically sound innovation portfolio into successful projects.

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Lack of strategic focus

The overall goals and directions are unclear.

Lack of evaluation basis and measurability

The benefits of innovation projects cannot be adequately assessed.

Pipeline quality

The value contribution of the innovation projects is low. Idea management and individual actions do not lead to the hoped-for results.

High complexity and low transparency

There is no overview of the innovation projects.

Lack of buy-in, weak innovation culture

Employees are not sufficiently motivated to participate in innovation.

Industry expertise

Our industry expertise includes industrial companies in all sectors, service companies and the public sector.


Transport and logistics


Public authorities


Some of our customers have already been awarded as innovative companies. We would be happy to present selected case studies of your industry in a personal conversation.